Advantages of Owning Your Own Home

Many Australians under the age of 35 feel that renting a flat is excellent for their chosen lifestyles. Some even enjoy the lively social environment that co-living in a sharehouse entails. However, the time eventually comes when one needs to think about more permanent living arrangements in a space that they can happily – and confidently – call their own.

With the current pandemic, many are rethinking their living arrangement. Many are considering that advantage of owning a home to curb the spread of illness. Likewise, having one’s own home brings a different sense of freedom, maturity, and accomplishment. If you are looking for single or two storey homes, you can visit

Things to getting Excited About Owning Your Own Home

Consider the Stability that Comes with Owning a Home

You know how things are when you rent a space: there is a time limit – you can only stay there for so long. Also, your landlord has the right to terminate your stay on the property. It is hard to live knowing that you need to find a new flat every few months or so.

If you’re planning to live within a specific area for at least five years, buying a house as opposed to just renting is a better choice – and it cuts down on periodic moving costs.

Safety and Security

Also, think of the safety and security: both your own and that of your family. While no home is 100% secure all the time, having your own house minimizes the possibility of running into strangers in the hallways, sudden intrusions (as in the case of share house residents), and, in the current context, the potential spread of contagion.

An Investment You Won’t Regret

Many people balk at the cost of buying a home but take the plunge when they realize that it comes out much cheaper than having to pay monthly rent in the long run. Consider your home an investment: it may seem pricey at first, but your property doubles in value every ten years – a good return on your original investment.

You should also check if you’re eligible for what’s called a First Home Owner Grant (FHOG). While eligibility rules differ among Australian states, an FHOG can save you between $ 10,000 to 20,000 of your house’s total cost, tax-free.

Your Space, Your Style, Your Rules

Living in a rented flat means you have to deal with numerous restrictions about physical modifications, gardening, and even the presence of either guests or pets. Owning a home throws these regulations out the window, enabling you to style or modify your space as you wish, entertain family and friends, and allow yourself the pleasure of having pets. With Ross North Homes you can have an excellent home building reputation.

In the End

Renting a house or a flat may seem more convenient at first, but nothing compares to the freedom, space, and peace of mind that comes with owning a home. But this isn’t a decision to make at the spur of a moment! Consider your finances, property location, proximity to your workplace, and neighbourhood before diving in and buying a home.