Small Square Dining Table

10 Amazing Small Dining Table Ideas For Saving Space

In modern homes, floor spacing is very limited so most people opt for a small dining table. They do not clutter the dining areas in your kitchen or dining room. Generally, small dining tables are meant for a couple, a small family or shift dining. You can select any table from available designs, styles, and shapes. Also, these are made of glass, metal, wood and other material. You can purchase your ready-made small table from a furniture shop. Otherwise, you can purchase a table online and have the parts delivered to your desired address. Once the package reaches you, follow the instructions to assemble your dining table. Also, you can hire a carpenter to build your uniquely styled dining table. Ensure your new dining table blends in with the rest of the room’s interior decor. Otherwise, you can modify the decor to match the new dining table.

{ 1 } Small Round Dining Table

Small Round Dining Table
Place a small round white-colored wooden dining table in the dining area. The shape of this place is not geometrical. The walls, window frames, cabinets, and ceiling are painted in white color. You can hang framed pictures from the walls. Between the two windows on adjacent walls, there is a cabinet with shelves and glass doors. The sunlight is streaming in through one window while the other one shows the garden outdoors. Place the dining table right below the chandelier with Persian blue colored glass lamp shades. Around the small round dining table, place four dark-colored wooden chairs having white-and-brown designed cushions.

{ 2 } Folding Dining Table For Tiny Spaces

Folding Dining Table For Tiny Spaces
Place a folding dinging table when there is tiny space in the dining area. Generally, folding tables are kept against the wall when not in use. The dining area and ceiling are painted in white color. Hang a large white-colored lampshade holding a light bulb from the ceiling. Below it, the folding wooden dinging table colored with white-brown design opens for usage. Place two chairs having white back-rest and brown seats at the table. On one side, place a bench with brown colored seat supported by white-colored legs. On the white wall, you can fix a photograph of a reindeer.

{ 3 } Built-In Seats For Kitchen Dining

Built-In Seats For Kitchen Dining
In front of the kitchen window, construct backrest and seats using dark polished wood. Ensure this wood matches the counter-tops of your kitchen. Paint the walls and ceiling in white color. From the ceiling hang two lamps with lampshade white inside and blue outside. Below these, place a long, white-colored table made of wood for all to share. On the opposite side of the wooden benches, place a rotating white fibred chair. You can hang a silver framed mirror from the longer wall and place decorative items on the window sill.

{ 4 } Square Table For Corner Dining

Square Table For Corner Dining
Paint the walls and ceiling of the kitchen in steel grey. The window grills and frames are painted in white. From the ceiling, hang a golden framed light-grey square lamp shade. Below this, place the dark grey colored square table with a triangular wooden base. Cover the white storage space with thick greyish colored cushions for sitting at the table. Place a few white covered and white-and-black designed covered cushions on the seating arrangement. On the opposite side of the long seat, place two transparent chairs made of fiber. These chairs can have circular backrest, square seats and supporting long narrow legs.

{ 5 } Round Tables For Corner Dining

Round Tables For Corner Dining
Paint all the walls and ceiling of the dining area in a light grey color. Paint the windows in the background in white color and cover them with white curtains. Below the windows, cover the L-shaped storage space with light grey colored cushions. On this, place two loose cushions with yellow and pink colored covers. In front of the seating arrangement, place a light grey colored wooden round table. Place three wooden chairs with white-colored cushions for sitting around the table. Over the table, hang a lamp with a yellow-colored, concentric circular lampshade. On the adjacent wall, you can hang two artwork finished in matching the pink color.

{ 6 } Small Breakfast Nook In Kitchen

Small Breakfast Nook In Kitchen
Convert a part of your kitchen into a small breakfast nook to save space on large dining rooms. Paint the walls, ceiling and cabinets of the kitchen in light grey. Use light olive and grey patterned wallpaper and above it highlight with dark olive paint. Use the L-shaped storage pace to make seating arrangements. Cover these with thick olive colored cushions for backrest and sitting. You can place decorative items above the level of the backrest. In front of this seating arrangement, place a small square table made of white fiber. Also, place a matching white chair with steel legs for sitting at the table. The stunning dandelion seed light illuminates the kitchen and brings warmth.

{ 7 } Triangular Dining Table For Odd Spaces

Triangular Dining Table For Odd Spaces
Paint all walls of all rooms in light brown matching the polished wooden floors. Paint frames of all doors and window in light grey. If your dining area is between two major rooms, then chances are there is a triangle-shaped area. You can use this area for converting into your dining space. You cannot use rectangular, square or round shaped tables. The most suitable shape is the triangular dining table for this situation. Place two long grey colored wooden benches having brown colored leathered cushions against two adjacent walls. In front of these benches, place the triangular table available with a glass top and wooden base. Above the table, hang a lamp with a brown colored lampshade.

{ 8 } Small Square Dining Table

Small Square Dining Table
This guest room has light grey walls and ceiling. The well-polished hardwood floor adds luster to the design. A small square dining table, pushed against one of the walls, saves a lot of space. Place two wooden chairs with white stitched cushions on the seat and back-rest for guests.

{ 9 } Makeshift Two-Seater Dining Table

Makeshift Two-Seater Dining Table
Right outside the kitchen door with a black-and-white patterned frame, there is a common wall. The white wall has a wall-hanging artwork of black leaves. From this spot, one can look into the formal living room at yonder. Against the white wall, place the white-colored, solid wood dining table. Place two chairs made of wooden seats and steel legs in front of the table. Two individuals can sit and enjoy their meal at a time.

{ 10 } Rustic Rectangular Corner Table

Rustic Rectangular Corner Table
Paint a side of the wooden partition in dark blue and its adjacent side in black. Place decorative items above the black partition to break the monotony. On the blue colored side, you can hang a special art-work. In front, place the rustic rectangular corner table with wooden top and connected steel legs. On either side of the table, place two chairs made of rod-iron and steel.