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Decorating Home with Floor Lamps – Best Ideas and Tips

Do you want to add interest and drama into your space? One simple thing to do is to shop floor lamp Dubai. This straightforward move will bring all the drama you need to your home interior.

Floor lamps are not just the light layers in your space, and they are more than that. They become a focal point of home design while enhancing room aesthetics. If you choose floor lamps with creative designs and a unique sculpted body, they become the ultimate fashionista elements.

Here are some design ideas and tips that help you adore your space quickly with floor lamps.

Choose Shade Carefully

The shade of floor lamps plays a significant role in overall beauty. An oversized one will only look great in an open and wide area. Else it will compete with room furniture and won’t serve you with its ultimate charm. 

A fabric shade looks elegant, regardless of its size. On the other hand, a metallic shade instills modernism and sleepiness, so you better choose it for your modern home interior. It won’t complement your classic theme party at all.

Single Vs. Multiple Floor Lamps

Most of the time, a single floor lamp is good enough to boost a room’s aesthetic through its vertical scale and sculptural qualities. However, if you plan to emphasize a specific area of the room like a glass window, a mantle, etc., then a pair of lamps will work well. 

If you don’t have matching lamps, don’t let them compete with room furniture. Instead, keep a delicate one next to the accent chair and place an asymmetrical one next to sectional furniture. Again, the idea is to balance the overall theme of your home. 

Pick Type of Light Carefully

Do you need a reading light in your living room? You should go with 60 watts of lights in your floor lamp. However, when you plan to illuminate the whole space with a floor lamp, you need more than 60 wattages.

You can have your hands on versatile floor lamps. Some work as mood lighting and bring only a 40-watt range. Others work as task lights, and you can set them with a 100 watts bulb. Always get a dimmable light so that you can have complete control over its functioning. 

Another thing to consider is color temperature; anything above 3000K offers cool light, while below this range is usually yellow lighting..

Pay Attention to Overall Scale

It would help if you bought a floor lamp after considering your room furniture. If you have a big room with oversized furniture, don’t invest money in delicate, thin, and minimalistic floor lamps. It would help if you had a heavy, imposing lamp that can become a focal point. Buying a delicate one means wasting your money as it will be lost somewhere in your room. It’s because oversize furniture will get the instant attention of every visitor. 

You can have an oversize lamp in the corner while you can put modern table lamps on the side tables, next to your room sectional. Setting a chandelier lights in the living room is always a good idea as it creates a contrast with light emitted from a table or floor lamp.

Consider Setting Some Angles

When you are confused about whether to pick a symmetrical or asymmetrical floor lamp Dubai, look to the room itself. A close look at the room will tell you what will work the best. When you have a classic room, set contrast with a modern lamp. When you have an ultra-modern room, don’t blend it with ultra-modern lights but try modern style only. 

Different kinds of floor lamps in a living space always compete with each other. Eliminate this competition by placing one that can become the ultimate focal point.

Set a Mood

Do you have accent furniture or chairs in your home? Try to make the area of that furniture more functional with floor lamps. They can set the mood and motivate you in an unimaginable way.

For example, a bamboo pendant lamp over the side table of the accent chair can be complimented well with a tripod floor lamp. Thus, you are giving a studio style to this area while getting both task and functional lights simultaneously. 

You can create a different layer and contrast of light in your room by creating a subtle mix of floor and table lamps. But, of course, they must have symmetry and style in common. 

Be as Creative As You can 

No matter what table or floor lamp you pick in Dubai, it must complement overall room furniture and space. You can create a fascinating mix by choosing different table and floor lamp styles but stay consistent with their tones and shades size.

Remember, the best choice of light is one that finishes the room’s look instead of affecting its style. A floor lamp in an empty corner doesn’t look amazing. It must stand next to a seating area to add a bit of drama and interest to that space. You need to set them behind the furniture, and it’s how they will serve the seating area at its best. 

The creative idea is to mix and blend different heights of floor lamps in one space. You can set the mood of a room by adding a flash of color with two sculptural lamps in a corner space.

Wrap up

Next time you go out shopping for table or floor lamps, please consider these points. These design and style ideas help you transform a space most beautifully.