Japanese Style Soak-In Bathtub

The Most Stylish Bathtub Design Ideas For A Luxe Look

The basic and main purpose of bathtubs is holding water for bathing human babies and adults. Now, it is the trend for people to take luxurious baths. They add drops of Aroma essential oils along with lighted Aroma candles. Some people add their favorite bathing foam. People completely soak-in and relax after a hectic day. They read their novels or listen to favorite music. With the advent of technologies, bathtubs are made for spa massage therapy. Here are the most stylish bathtub design ideas for a luxe look.

{ 1 } Small Alcove Bathtub Design

Small Alcove Bathtub Design
Place the small alcove bathtub at the far end of your bathroom next to the window. This bathtub is made of white-and-ash colored marble. Leave the sides of the bathtub in white color with three square-shaped patterns. If there is no built-in water supply, then mount those near the bathtub. Place white bath-towels and soaps at the opposite corner.

{ 2 } Whirlpool Tub For Massage Therapy

Whirlpool Tub For Massage Therapy
Whirlpool tub for massage therapy was first introduced in America around 1960-70. In 1968, Jacuzzi, the plumbing component manufacturer, introduced “Spa Whirlpool”. Thereafter, whirlpool bathtubs called “Jacuzzi” produced air bubbles introduced through nozzles via air-bleeding pumps. Place this whirlpool at the far end of your bathroom with 3 small windows and skyline.

{ 3 } Built-In Tub For Small Bathroom

Built-In Tub For Small Bathroom
You can place a built-in tub for your small bathroom. The bathtub is the standard white-colored and rectangular-shaped. Below the top edge, place tiles to create patterns of golden color against grey color. Cover the walls with rectangular shaped dark-grey colored brick-like tiles. Leave the glass window to allow the sunlight to stream into the bathroom. Below the window, fix the golden-colored faucet for the water supply. On the wall next to the window, make two built-in shelves for storage. On the topmost shelf, place bathing foams, shampoo, soap, and white bath towels.

{ 4 } Unique Design Claw Foot Tub

Unique Design Claw Foot Tub
The unique design clawfoot tub is colored white on the inside and black on the outside. The white color of the claw foot is prominently visible against the black background of the bathtub. The claw foot is designed to keep the bathtub slightly raised from the floor. The shape of this bathtub is uniquely kidney-shaped. Also, the portion near the taps and shower is lower than the opposite side. The bather can fill tepid water and comfortably lie against the raised portion. You can also use inspiring shower curtain ideas to create an elegant shower option along with the bathtub.

{ 5 } Hot Tub For A Relaxing Bath

Hot Tub For A Relaxing Bath
A hot tub for a relaxing bath can be placed inside the bathroom adjacent to the window. Raise the bathtub from the floor level placing it on a slightly raised wooden platform. The color of the tub is white while its shape is elliptical. Place white bath-towels on the edge of the bathtub to use after the hot bath. Taps and faucets are not in-built within the bathtub. Those have to be mounted near the tub to get the required water supply.

{ 6 } Contemporary Freestanding Bathtub Design

Contemporary Freestanding Bathtub Design
You can place a contemporary freestanding bathtub inside a modern bathroom next to the glass window. The color of this freestanding bathtub is white but, the shape is not conventional rectangular. The top portion has an elliptical shape with a thick border around it. Sides of this bathtub meet at the bottom ending in a shorter rectangle with rounded corners. Mount taps and faucet for water supply on the wall next to the bathtub.

{ 7 } Under-Mount Tub For Small Space

Undermount Tub For Small Space
Place the under-mount tub under the open glass window allowing sunlight to save space. The white bathtub has a rectangular shape with edges fixed against the walls. At the foot of this bathtub, construct shelf using white-and-ash colored marble slab. Above this, place a standard steel bath-towel rack fixed on the wall.

{ 8 } Japanese Style Soak-In Bathtub

Japanese Style Soak-In Bathtub
Place the Japanese style soak-in bathtub in your sunroom. This room has a wooden floor, clear glass transparent windows, and doors supported with wooden frames. You can get a clear view of the outside garden. This round Japanese style deep soak-in bathtub has an acrylic thermoform inner detail. The outside part has broad wooden planks surrounding the tub placed vertically adjacent to each other. Two copper rings at different heights hold them in place. This bathtub has no built-in taps, faucets or showers. Use this water supply to collect tepid water inside the bathtub. Climb into the bathtub to soak in and/or take a hand-shower.

{ 9 } Bathtub Design With Air Jets

Bathtub Design With Air Jets
Bathtubs with air jets are ideal for body massage therapy. This white bathtub has a rounded front with all the other sides fixed against the wall. Inside the bathtub, there are several steps and air jets at different levels.

{ 10 } Corner Tub In Small Bathroom

Corner Tub In Small Bathroom
Place corner tub in a small bathroom in front of mosaic design and outside the showering cabinet. The color of the bathtub is white inside and chocolate brown outside. The bathtub fixed against the wall runs parallel to the wall. In the kidney-shaped part, the foot of the tub is narrower than its head-rest. At the foot of the bathtub, you can mount the necessary water supply and hand-shower.

{ 11 } Walk-In Style Tub For Convenience

Walk-In Style Tub For Convenience
You can place the walk-in style tub for convenience in the far corner of the bathroom. You can cover the walls with dark-brown tiles. This white bathtub is a truly unique design most suitable for the elderly and people with knee or joint problems. You walk-in use air-jets for massage therapy. Otherwise, you can take a normal hand shower standing inside the bathtub.

{ 12 } Ball Feet Bathtub Design

Ball Feet Bathtub Design
Place ball feet bathtub design inside the bathroom next to the glass window. The ball feet bathtub stands freely above the ground on four feet that support its weight equally at all four corners. Inside color is white while the outside color is grey. You can hold two side handles to lie down or get up from the tub. The water supply is mounted from outside in this bathtub.