4 Easy Steps to Hosting a Tapas Dinner Party

Do you want to host a dinner party – one that you and your guests won’t forget in a hurry?

Hosting a dinner party is more than just serving your guests a few dishes. It is more about delighting your guests while giving them a full sensory experience. This is why hosts put in more effort to make the dinner a memorable one.

If you want to impress your guests, then introduce them to something new. Transport them to another place by introducing them to the cuisine of another culture. Take an entertaining cue from the Spaniards and serve your guests a tapas dinner. So, to help you get started, here are four easy steps to help you host a memorable tapas dinner.

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1. Plan your menu

When it comes to hosting a dinner, it is mostly about the food. One thing that makes Spanish meals unique is the variety of their menu. Therefore to make your tapas dinner party interesting, you will want to have a variety of different dishes. So you have to plan the menu.

To keep things easy on you, plan to make a few dishes yourself and get the rest from food stores. However, since you want to give your guests a thrilling experience, you will want to serve them good and tasty meals, so review food stores to get the best store – you can use collected.reviews to aid in your search. GourmetFood store is a good online food store to consider. See more about GourmetFood store.

2. Choose wines

Spaniards love wine and they have them complimenting their meals. No Spanish meal is complete without wine to compliment it. Spain is known for its robust collection of wines (Cava, Albariño, Txakolina, Garnacha, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and so on) so select the wines that will complement the menu you planned for your tapas dinner party.

3. Provide entertainment

In between eating and drinking your Spanish treats, you should entertain your guests with some Spanish- themed games. Set the mood for your fiesta and complete your guests’ transit to Spain by playing them a playlist of flamenco and classical guitar tunes. Since you will want to remember the party, don’t forget to take a lot of pictures.

4. Don’t forget to decorate

You want your guest to have a Spanish experience so don’t forget to add a little decoration. Select a lively color scheme and spice things up with festive assents like paper fans, tassel garlands, streamers, and bright blooms. If you are using an outdoor space – a patio, terrace, backyard, or rooftop, don’t forget to use twinkly lights.

Create a tablescape that will highlight your delicious dishes better too. You can use colorful napkins, candles, vibrant floral centerpieces to achieve this.

Now that you know what it takes to host a fabulous tapas dinner party, don’t you think it is time to hand out the invitations. So, say 7 pm, your place, Saturday night? We will surely be there.