Sony SBH80 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Music is something without which I can not imagine life. I spend a few good hours a day in my headphones, even now – writing this post – I listen to my favorite playlist. Look into my web page – Sennheiser Presence Basic to get further information and facts concerning Sennheiser Presence Basic. But I do not write it to start a discussion about genres and musical preferences. My Sony SBH80 wireless earphones are powered by Bluetooth. What are my first impressions of their use?

Unpacking the Sony SBH80 headphones

The kit came to me in a pretty neat box, but there is nothing really special here. Ot, headphones, 3 pairs of tips (in S / M / L sizes) and a short microUSB cable. This one is quite stiff, which will probably have a positive effect on his vitality.

How to connect the headphones to the device

To start with, what’s most important. Headphones have Bluetooth and NFC technology, making pairing with your phone easy. As for the connection to the LG G5 it was enough to bring the device together and … ready. Then I had to put down my phone and pause SBH80 with the TP-Link Neffos C5 Max phone I got for testing. In this case I did it “after God” and also there were no major problems. But about this phone in another article;). I admit sincerely that the connection of the headphones is so intuitive that I did not even have to read the instructions.

Sony SBH80 – quality and design

Many people are surprised by the fact that cordless headsets have some kind of cord. In this case it is a kind of headband – the cables coming out of the headphones connect to the back of the neck where the heart of the device is located. First of all – a battery without which the handset would not work properly. Secondly, we will find here the already mentioned NFC tag, which greatly accelerates the process of pairing with the phone.

From this place also come the stiffened wires, where we find buttons for changing the volume, answering the call, stopping the music or switching it. Unfortunately, after using the wired headphones for a long time, the position of the buttons seems to be ill-considered. I just have to think longer before I click on what I want. It is also worth noting that the volume buttons control the volume of the headphones rather than the connected device. This is probably due to the lack of compatibility with all smartphones, but this is not the most convenient solution.

The quality of the headphones is really very good. The cables sticking out of the headphones look like they might break at any time, but the materials used at the same time are nice to the touch. True white color is not very practical, but it’s a matter of preference – headphones can also be purchased in black.

But returning to the very construction … This is surprisingly comfortable. I have the impression that in the summer will be a bit more disturbing, but now I’m lost in the scarf enough not to bother. It’s the most positive, but … Well, there is one “but” The kit should definitely be a cover case. The shape of the headphones prevents them from being inserted into their pockets or even comfortable holding in a jacket or coat. Every day I store them in a backpack, in a rigid case of sunglasses, but in the summer it will be impossible. At this angle – wired earphones definitely win. It also frightens the need for charging, but this is an inseparable aspect of such a device.

Listen and sound impressions

Here, it should be emphasized that on the day of receiving the handset their price oscillates within 99. And I have the impression that they are playing …. poorly. To be fair, I am using the word for the wind – I use the HyperX Cloud connected to the Prodigy Cube BE and use the B & O BeoPlay H3 for my phone. Previously I used models such as Snab Overtone EP-101M, Brainwavz M1 or Brainwavz Delta. I have the impression that in this set Sony SBH80 are somewhere in the middle. But I still need some time to do this.

A brief summary of the Sony Sony Ericsson SBH80 experience

The first impressions are definitely positive, though certainly something was missing. Already at the start, there is a lack of a case, and the price-quality relationship is controversial. However, keep in mind that there are far more components in the price of cordless handsets than cable equivalents. For this reason the Sony SBH80 can not be compared, please also consider the comfort of use, battery life and even the quality of the built-in microphone. But with these impressions I will share with you in the review, which will soon appear on the pages of the portal.

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